TechT Gamma Core Kush Pro Delrin Bolt

TechT Gamma Core Kush Pro Delrin Bolt

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The TECHT Gamma Pro Kush Delrin Bolt has been engineered to maximize efficiency, and consistency.  By reducing the weight of the bolt by over 40% we were able to reduce recoil and get a smoother shot cycle. We have had players around the world testing these bolts in various conditions for the past year. They have performed extremely well, and their durability has been flawless. 

The TechT Gamma Pro Kush Delrin Bolt also includes 4 SOFT TIP INSERTS that all produce difference firing characteristics and sound signatures. These four tip inserts will also work with the stock gamma pro bolt. 

The Four Soft Tips are:

Stock PE Style 3 Spoke Tip = Very similar to the Stock Planet Eclipse Soft Tip Inserts
Skinny 3 Spoke Tip = 3 skinny spokes that allow for faster airflow to the ball
Venturi Tip = Has 6 holes and slows the airflow down slightly. Great for brittle paintballs.
Open Face Tip = Cushions the ball, and provides maximum speed to the ball.

  • Delrin - 6.0 grams - 40% Weight Reduction = LESS KICK = MORE ACCURACY = MORE WINS!
  • Super Efficient
  • Super Light
  • Super Smooth
  • Utilizes 4 Different Soft Tip Inserts
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • This will fit any and all Planet Eclipse Gamma Core and GP Core markers!
    Gtek - Original, 160r, 170r, m170
    CS2 Pro
  • Manufacturer: TechT
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1 lbs