Planet Eclipse Mechanical Frame Kit - Geo CS2 Pro - Black (USED)

Planet Eclipse Mechanical Frame Kit - Geo CS2 Pro - Black (USED)

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Condition: 9.5 / 10

Planet Eclipse Mech Frame Kit for CS2/CS2 Pro, black

Performance without compromise

With the Mech Frame Kit by Planet Eclipse you can transform your electro-pneumatic CS2/CS2 Pro into a high-end mechanical marker!

"Back to the roots" is not only becoming more popular in the Mag-Fed domain but also in modern tournament sports. You'll find more and more tournaments where only mechanical markers are allowed. Or just get on your local field and face a new challenge.

The electronic solenoid needs to be swapped for the included 3-way valve. The heart of the conversion kit is a new trigger system. This clever mechanism offers the player a high degree of adjustment possibilities.

Would you rather have a short trigger pull with higher trigger weight, a longer trigger pull with a light trigger weight or anything in between? No problem.

Once you have decided, refine the result with the help of the freely adjustable trigger tension spring.

The conversion of your CS2/CS2 Pro to a mech version is uncomplicated. Nothing changes in the maintenance, cleaning and also in the performance of your marker. The shot cycle works mechanically after the conversion. You continue to enjoy all the benefits of the GP Core: super low recoil, a very high air efficiency and a quiet sound signature.

- CS2/CS2 Pro Mech Frame
- Unique trigger mechanism, pre-installed
- Single Trigger Frame, black
- Mechanical 3-Way-Valve
- Windowless rear-grip assembly, black