AceTech 14mm CCW Bifrost M RGB Rechargeable Tracer

AceTech 14mm CCW Bifrost M RGB Rechargeable Tracer

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  • Built-In ACETECH Bifrost M Rechargeable Tracer
  • Improved illuminator for enhanced BB glow activation for an ultra bright trace
  • Sustained ROF up to 35 rounds per second
  • Rechargeable built in Li-Poly battery
  • Works with green BBs only
  • FCC, CE, ROHS compliant
  • 11 different modes available for multi-color flame function
The ACETECH Bifrost M RGB tracer unit simulates muzzle flash with multi-colored flame effects. The effect of flame depends on the volume of gas or fog around the muzzle, more volume makes for better effects.

Manufacturer: AceTech

Model (Type): Flash Hider


Diameter: 30mm
Length: 81mm
Weight: 61g (w/o adaptor)
Thread Direction: 14mm CCW / 14mm CW
Batteries: Rechargeable Built-In Li-poly Battery
Material: Aluminum, Plastic
Package Includes: Tracer Unit, 14mm- to M11 adaptor, Muzzle Cap, USB-C Charging Cable, Manual

Disclaimer: Do not shine directly into human eyes. Not a toy. Keep away from Children.


Acetk Corp Ltd. (Acetech) is the Airsoft accessory manufacturer who specializes in airsoft tracer units, chronographs, airsoft gun controlling system and auto target system. Acetech exports products worldwide.