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SHOCKER AMP $700 Sale (Empire Red Hazard) Discontinued
SHOCKER AMP $700 Sale (Empire Red Hazard) Discontinued
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, SHOCKER AMP $700 Sale (Empire Red Hazard) Discontinued

SHOCKER AMP $700 Sale (Empire Red Hazard) Discontinued

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These are brand NEW! with a MSRP $999.95


The Shocker® CVO and XLS utilize a uni-body design incorporating the regulator housing into the body of the marker. This minimizes the part count of the marker, allowing the Shocker® to achieve its iconic light weight and clean profile. Integrating the regulator housing into the marker also reduces the number of seals in the marker and eliminates potential leak points. Factory regulator cover is included standard on the Shocker® XLS and CVO models. 


    Proven design and precise machining deliver a regulator that provides the flow characteristics and consistency needed for top level paintball.  Players of all levels around the world have trusted the Shocker® regulator system to deliver consistency over the chronograph. Easily adjusted with a single tool on the fly.


    Pressure relief valve (PRV) technology integrated into the Shocker® regulator helps prevent damage to internal components and increases safety for the player.  Designed into the regulator base, the PRV is designed to vent excess pressure in the case of a regulator seat failure, or an extreme over adjustment by the player.


    High performance  seals throughout the Shocker® regulator provide long life. With regular maintenance players will not need to replace seals for multiple seasons, and spares for a rebuild are included with the marker.

Shocker® Paintball Marker Regulator Piston

In development of the Shocker® platform SP challenged its engineers to squeeze even more performance from the Shocker® regulator design. The Shocker® CVO and XLS both feature the latest regulator piston – machined from aircraft grade aluminum and Type III hard anodized. This lightweight regulator piston uses the same seals that have been proven consistent and durable – but with lighter weight and higher flow. This regulator innovation provides a faster recharge rate, and greater consistency while at maximum rate of fire than previous generation Shockers®.

The regulator piston also has a retention ring – which allows the secondary spring to remain attached to the piston, offering easier disassembly for regulator service.


Only two things are better known in tournament paintball than the Shocker – The Freak and All-American barrels. The Shocker® comes with the best of both. The ‘cocker threaded Freak® back combines with optional inserts to adjust bore size for optimum performance when weather and paint conditions change. Helical porting keeps the All-American front quiet while dispersing air to reduce turbulence for tack-driving accuracy.

Drawing from the latest barrel technology the Shocker® AMP and Shocker® CC both ship with paintball’s most popular interchangeable bore barrel the Freak® XL

The Freak® XL features an eight inch control bore that allows the air to remain behind the ball longer, allowing it to do more work accelerating the ball – with less air. This means that the new Shocker® AMP and CC can operate at lower operating pressure, and increase efficiency over previous Shocker® models.

Short Autococker Threads

Autococker threads have become the most common barrel thread in paintball. Because of this both Shocker® CC and AMP models use Autococker threads.

Because the Shocker® AMP and CC use the Freak XL barrel system, players now have the added advantage of quick turn autococker threads on the factory Freak XL barrel back – so removing your barrel takes 1/2 as many turns while remaining compatible with any autococker threaded marker.